You are smart, you have succeeded, you did what you set out to do…and you’re still not happy!

What is the deal? Is it you or is it the job? Is it the job or is it the career? How do you know?

If you’re feeling stuck in your career and know you need to make a change, but aren’t sure what that change looks like, you need support to identify what matters to you and how to achieve your goals.

You’re not sure why it happened or when, but at some point, your motivation for work just dissolved. The thought of Monday morning (if you’re lucky enough not to work on the weekend) makes your stomach turn. You know you’re great at your job and can get ahead if you want to, but for some reason that’s not motivating you any more. This is the first time in your life you feel like you have no purpose, no next step, no goal to achieve that keeps you going.


  • Loving your job so much that you can’t wait for someone to ask “What do you do?” at a cocktail party.
  • Getting excited on Sunday night because you know you get to go to a job that fulfills you the next morning.
  • Being the one that shows up late to happy hours because you love your work so much you weren’t just dying for a glass of wine to numb the pain of pursuing a job you hate.
  • Knowing your work is utilizing your strengths and leading you on the path to success for a life that you want to live.
  • Not spending all of your time at work dreaming about your next vacation, waiting for the reprieve from work, and working for the weekend.

“Leila was an incredible help. Her sessions focus on much more than just the pros/cons of certain career paths. She helps you identify your core values and how much you are actually living those core values, and then helps you shape a plan that allows you to achieve your goals. She was a constant source of support at all points of a career transition and her advice was invaluable. I cannot recommend her enough!”

Senior Counsel

You want to feel confident in your career. You want to know you’re on the right path and that what you’re working so hard toward will make you happy.

You’ve already put in so much time and effort to get where you are. Do you really want to throw it away and go chase something else? If you’re not in the right place, an emphatic YES! But what you need is structure. You need a plan. And you need support.

But how do you decide what’s next without throwing away everything you’ve worked so hard to achieve?

Determining your next career path is scary! So scary many people don’t do it. It’s hard to know what you need to focus on that will make you happy and lead you toward success. To develop your next career plan, you need a few things:


Our brains like structure! It’s why when someone asks you where you want to be, you often freeze or picture a blank slate – especially if you’re not thrilled about where you are right now. A structured, step-by-step process will help you achieve your goals efficiently and effectively in a way that feels great – not like you’re forcing yourself each day to do it.


OK. You know you’re not happy, but for some reason you just can’t get motivated to explore your next steps. What is going on? Maybe you’re too beat from a draining job to think about what might make you happy. Maybe it’s too overwhelming to consider what could be next. You need accountability. You need someone to call you out when you don’t do what you say matters to you and to push you to move past your limits to achieve the success you know you’re capable of.


I’m not gonna lie – changing your career path is HARD and there will be struggles. When you feel yourself stalling because of fear or thinking you can’t do it, you need unbiased support. You need a reality check. And you need a cheerleader! I won’t let you stop chasing that new path just because it got hard. I’ll keep you motivated, keep you going and make sure you’ve got all the support you need during this transition.

The truth is, there is no “right” way to find happiness in your career. But there are pieces you need to consider as you redefine your path and evaluate the myriad options in front of you. Using the framework I’ve developed, you’ll focus your thoughts and ensure you consider everything that goes into a fulfilling and successful career (hint: it’s not just the money!).

The five pillars of the framework will structure your decisions as you consider your next career move, help identify what will make you happy, and ensure you’re not missing a key part of what success and happiness means to you.

You need Career Clarity!

The Career Clarity Private Coaching Program will provide you with all you need and more! Career Clarity will help you decide what that next career path is for you. Stop sitting and wondering what you should do, what you’re good at, what you want from your career and take action to get on the right path.

Still not sure about coaching?

The Career Clarity Private Coaching Program will take you through the following four phases to help you decide what career path will make you happy before you cut and run with no clear path:

  • It’s easy to lose sight of who you are and what’s helped you succeed in the midst of a transition. In order to decide what next career path to pursue, you need to get back in touch with your strengths, what you value in life and what’s holding you back.
  • This step is all about understanding who you are! You’ll identify what’s important to you, what you want more of and love doing, what unique strengths have helped you get to where you are and how you can use them in another career path so you’re not starting from scratch.
  • You’ll also learn what holds you back. Where do you go when you’re stressed? When do you let fear guide you? Where do you succumb to others instead of listening to yourself? What derails your success and how will you overcome it?

WHY THIS MATTERS: Knowing who you are and what you’re working with is the only way to choose a career that will make you happy.

  • With a clear understanding of what’s held you back in the past and what’s allowed you to thrive, you’re now in a great position to identify what you want out of life and your career.
  • The career world is changing rapidly. There are so many options out there that it can be paralyzing. How do you know if a path is right for you? What if you pick one, but there’s a better one that you somehow missed?
  • Our brains like focus. That’s why I’ve developed a Framework to help you define your goals for your career. Working within the framework, you’ll define your ideal career with a structured approach that will lead you to find meaning and success in your work.
  • The Framework will ensure you’re considering all of the contributing factors to success and happiness and provide you with the structure you need to design the future you want with your career. It will keep you zoned in on what’s important to you and what fits within who you are.

WHY THIS MATTERS: The dream you discover in this phase will determine the broader career path for you to pursue. You certainly can’t start out on a new career path with no idea of what you want!

Want to see the framework in action?

  • Now that you have a clear vision of success, you need to see what’s out there that fits! With this step, you start to make your world bigger by understanding all that’s available to you and evaluating it within the framework and everything you learned about yourself in Phase 1. This step will provide you with an action plan to explore your options and uncover the specific path for your happiness.
  • You’ll get personalized advice, including a step-by-step strategy of what to do, who to talk to and how to keep making progress so you get all of the information you need to determine the career path that’s best for you.

WHY THIS MATTERS: Starting off on a new career path blind almost never works out. You need to experience a bit of what the new career has to offer you by testing it out and talking with others that have been there.

  • You’ve done your research, you know where you want to end up…how in the world will you get there? After all, a goal without a plan is just a dream!
  • This is where we incorporate what you learned in the first three steps and put it into an action plan to shift your career. You’ll identify a timeline and specific milestones to achieve within that timeline that will guarantee a smooth and successful transition without losing all that you’ve already invested in your career so far.
  • You’ll walk away from this step with a clear map to focus your efforts for your transition so you never stall or give up for lack of a clear next step.

WHY THIS MATTERS: A goal is great, but a goal without a plan is just a dream. How many times have you heard people talk about changes they want to make, but never see it happen? Don’t be that person! This step will turn your dream into a reality with actionable steps to ensure your success.

“Leila helped me flush out not only what I am good at but what I really love doing. This was critical for me. I was struggling with self doubt and self esteem. The exercises, combined with Leila's encouragement, helped me begin building myself back up. This was critical for my development. I have much more self worth and direction due to her coaching."



Coaching Sessions

10 private 50 minute coaching sessions via phone over 6 months. During the coaching sessions, we’ll discuss your accomplishments and struggles depending on where you are in the process so your homework is tailored for you, who you are and where you want to be.


This is where the rubber meets the road in coaching. You’ll take everything you learned about your strategy and yourself in the coaching sessions and put it into action. You’ll have targeted homework in between each session and in line with the phase you’re in to make sure you’re taking action toward your goals and not just dreaming about them.

Email & Text Support

As your coach, I want to be in your head! You’ll have full access to me via email or text in between your sessions. Hit a snag on the homework? Had a run-in that’s got you questioning your goals? Have a tough day ahead and need a pep talk? Reach out. I’m there to give you the support you need to keep you on track.


Before we get going, I need to know a bit more about you and we need to speak to make sure we’re a great fit.


Still unsure about coaching?