For the First Time In Your Life, You’re Not sure What’s Next… 

You know you are making a difference with the work you do and you get to use your strengths everyday. You’re emotionally and intellectually engaged in your work and can’t imagine a better place or industry for you.

But something has stalled. You’re not getting ahead like you thought you would. You’re not even sure you know what “getting ahead” looks like anymore. For the first time in your life, you don’t know what you’re trying to achieve. You feel like you have no clear path and no goal in front of you to keep you motivated.


  • Being 100% certain with the next step in your career and that it will lead you to success and fulfillment.
  • Knowing you won’t wake up in 10 years feeling trapped in a “successful” career you hate and wondering how you got there.
  • Being able to confidently say no to work that doesn’t help you achieve your career goals – without risking your professional reputation.
  • Being able to “shut off” from work because you know you’ve achieved what you set out to achieve for the day or week – regardless of the number of emails in your inbox.
  • Feeling energized to turn on your computer each morning knowing you’re tackling issues that matter to you and your organization (so you’re getting ahead!).

“I had reached a point of what many would consider ‘success’ but I wasn’t fulfilled by the work. I needed a third party to help provide direction and get me back on track. She had a similar background with an intense/high pressure job and could relate to the burnout I was feeling. If you are finding that some actions are out of alignment with your goals – Leila can get you back on track.”


You’ve done well for yourself, and the first years of your career came to you easily – with hard work, but not a lot of deliberation. To excel to the next level, you must clarify your goals and develop a strategy to keep moving forward.

Because if you’re not managing your career, who is?

But how do you start managing your career? Developing a plan for your career is a big, nebulous task. It’s hard to know what you need to focus on that will make you happy and what will lead you toward success for you. To develop your strategy, you need a few things:


You may be the best strategy person at work and manage a team like a true boss. But when it comes to putting a plan in place for your own life and making sure you’re on track, you fall short. You get mired in the details or assume that what you’re doing is all wrong. You need unbiased support to give you an outsider’s perspective, identify what’s working and help you overcome what’s not.


Ever made a decision to work out five times a week only to have it fall through in three days? You did everything you were supposed to in school, never missed a deadline, and never fell short. But now you need accountability. You need someone to call you out when you don’t do what you said you would and to push you to move past your limits to achieve the success you know you’re capable of.


Our brains like structure! It’s why when someone asks you where you want your career (or life) to be in 10 years, you often freeze or picture a blank slate. A structured, step-by-step process will help you achieve your goals efficiently and effectively in a way that feels great – not like you’re forcing yourself each day to do it.

You need Strategy Sessions!

The Strategy Sessions Private Coaching Program will provide you with all that and more. Strategy Sessions will help you decide what opportunities to leverage going forward to keep you moving and motivated in the career you love. Stop sitting and wondering whether you should take that opportunity or stay where you are. Learn how to determine on your own what option will get you where you want to be. In addition to clarifying the direction of your career, Strategy Sessions will help you learn to manage the down times, tough people and terrible projects so they don’t set you back in your career.

Still not sure about coaching?

The Strategy Sessions Private Coaching Program will take you through the following four phases to help you reignite your excitement for your work and create a clear path that will lead to your success:

  • You’ve spent your whole life listening to what others say, doing work how others have done it. It’s gotten you far. To move to the next level, you must develop your own way so you can be yourself at work while you propel your way to success.
  • This step is all about understanding who you are! You’ll clarify what’s important to you, what you want more of and love doing, what unique strengths have helped you get to where you are and how you can use them to achieve more success in your career.
  • You’ll also learn what holds you back. Where do you go when you’re stressed? When do you let fear guide you? Where do you succumb to others instead of listening to yourself? What derails your success and how will you overcome it?

Why this matters: Knowing who you are and what you’re working with is the only way to move forward and progress in your career. Knowing how to draw on your strengths so you’re not held back by all of your fears and doubts will help you move past your current barriers to success.

  • With a clear understanding of what’s held you back in the past and what’s allowed you to thrive, you’re now in a great position to define your own version of success and clarify your goals.
  • Knowing what you want out of life is hard! It’s a big question. And that’s why I don’t just ask you what you want out of your career. Even if you’re set on your field, there are so many ways to approach your career and determine your path that it can get overwhelming. The vast amount of options out there often cause you to stay right where we are even when you aren’t thriving - it feels too hard to narrow your focus and choose what will make you happy.
  • Our brains like focus. That’s why I’ve developed a Framework to help you define your goals for your career. Working within the framework, you’ll define your ideal career with a structured approach that will lead you to find meaning and success in your work.
  • The Framework will ensure you’re considering all of the contributing factors to success and happiness and provide you with the structure you need to design the future you want with your career.

Why this matters: If you don’t know where you’re headed, it’s likely you’re headed nowhere fast. You need to know what you want out of your career to be able to chase it and make your next steps strategic toward achieving that goal.

  • Now that you have a clear vision of success, you need to see what’s out there that fits! With this step, you start to make your world bigger by understanding all that’s available to you and evaluating it within the framework and the context of your long term goals. This step will provide you with an action plan to explore your options and uncover the right path for you.
  • You’ll get personalized advice, including a step-by-step strategy of what to do, who to talk to and how to keep making progress so you get all of the information you need to determine the career path that’s best for you.

Why this matters: You’ll stop wondering how you can achieve your goals or if they’re even possible and see the proof in the pudding. You’ll also learn valuable information about your career and make connections to help you achieve your goals.

  • You’ve done your research, you know where you want to end in the world will you get there? After all, a goal without a plan is just a dream!
  • This is where we incorporate what you learned in the first three steps and put it into an action plan. You'll identify a timeline and specific milestones to achieve within that timeline that will guarantee your success down the road.
  • You’ll walk away from this step with a clear map to focus your efforts in your career. In addition to having a plan, this step will help you cultivate the right habits and mindset to set you up for success long after you've executed your plan and ensure you stay on track.

Why this matters: A goal is great, but a goal without a plan is just a dream. Turn your dream into a reality with actionable steps to ensure your success.

“Having Leila as a coach brings out the very best in you. Her framework puts real structure around her sessions and it has completely crystallized in my mind what my goals are, why those goals are important to me, what actions I need to take now (and in the medium/long term), and who can help me get there. She gives realistic and practical advice that is easily actionable and you can see immediate results. Not that it really matters, but this is all wrapped in a person that is so lovely to work with and genuinely cares about each and everyone of her clients. Please feel free to InMail me on LinkedIn if you are still not sure!”

Director of Operations


Once you sign up, you’ll get a detailed intake form so I can get to know a bit more about you. From there, you’ll schedule your sessions at a time that works for you and you’ll call in by phone to each of your sessions. You’ll have a session tracker to keep you on track, keep me apprised of all the progress you’ve made between sessions and log how you’ve done with the homework.

Coaching Sessions

10 private 50 minute coaching sessions via phone over 6 months. During the coaching sessions, we’ll discuss your accomplishments and struggles depending on where you are in the process so your homework is tailored for you, who you are and where you want to be.


This is where the rubber meets the road in coaching. You’ll take everything you learned about your strategy and yourself in the coaching sessions and put it into action. You’ll have targeted homework in between each session and in line with the phase you’re in to make sure you’re taking action toward your goals and not just dreaming about them.

Email & Text Support

As your coach, I want to be in your head! You’ll have full access to me via email or text in between your sessions. Hit a snag on the homework? Had a run-in that’s got you questioning your goals? Have a tough day ahead and need a pep talk? Reach out. I’m there to give you the support you need to achieve your goals.


Before we get going, I need to know a bit more about you and we need to speak to make sure we’re a great fit.


Still unsure about coaching?